DRUM HEATER - 0-200° C


The heaters are more efficient and use considerably less energy than conventional band heaters.

Heat blankets are the fastest, easiest and most cost efficient method for heating and maintaining the temperature of your indu- strial materials.

Three standard sizes suitable for 25-30, 50-60, 105 and 200 liter drums or containers.

Suitable for metal containers.

Best solution for viscosity and flow control

Heat propane and other compressed gas containers

Adjustable and high quality Jumo thermostat for accurate tempe- rature control

Heating up to 200°C

Heating duration approx. 24 hours(200 litre from +15°C to 80°C with a 1200 W drum heater)

IP Rating: IP 40

The heating element of the Drum Heaters is stiched into an insulated jacket made from a water resistant, nylon and silicone coated material. Comes complete with quick release buckles for ease of installation and removal. The heating element is shielded with a tin- ned copper earth braid for safety. All our Drum Heaters are supplied with 3 metres of braided power cable and fitted with a 0 to + 200° C capillary thermostat and 230 volts AC.


25-30 litre

50-60 litre

105 litre

200-220 litre






Total length

1200 mm

1330 mm

1650 mm

1990 mm







400 mm

460 mm

370 mm

800 mm







380 W

440 W

700 W

1200 W







Approx. 2kg

Approx. 2,5kg

Approx. 2,75kg

Approx. 7,3kg






Jacket material:

Nylon and silicone

Temperature control:

0-200°C adjustable Jumo thermostat.


230 VAC 3 metre power cable


It is advised that power to the Drum heater is disconnected when the container is either empty, being filled, upon installation or removal of the heater itself. It is recommended that the unit is operated in a dry environment.

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